Haitong International Securities Group strives to become a modern and comprehensive financial services company with a leading position in the Greater China Region, while the support from our staff is vital to achieving that goal. Hence we regard our staff as our most treasurable assets and we have been providing the best care and career prospects to our talented employees.

We are committed to offering a positive work environment to our staff, which includes:

  • Ample training and development opportunities to enable our employees to pursue higher professional qualification and personal development

  • Competitive remuneration packages and performance-based rewarding schemes to encourage staff to commit themselves to excellence

  • Diversified recreational, social and volunteer activities to foster a caring and healthy work environment for our staff, as well as to contribute to the building of a better community

We are always looking for talented professionals to join us in the path towards success.

Division / Department Job Title Closing Date
Corporate Finance Vice President / Associate (Execution) – Corporate Finance 2019-05-31
Administration Receptionist 2019-05-31
Financial Products Vice President / Senior Vice President – Sales 2019-05-31
Job Description
Vice President / Associate (Execution) – Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance
Closing Date: 2019-05-31
Closing Date: 2019-05-31
Vice President / Senior Vice President – Sales
Financial Products
Closing Date: 2019-05-31